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   Introducing the NOC – eCard With cutting edge features

  • One card for All NOC products and services: A card holder can get Fuel, Lubes, Car wash, LPG, NOC Mart & NOC café services
  • Fleet managers can limit use of card to types products, stations, amount on products, volume on products or even frequency of use
  • Service is available in more than 110 stations nation wide
  • Fleet managers can limit purchase of fuel to tank capacity
  • Days of use can be limited to specific days of the week and time
  • Double & successive purchase prevention & alerts
  • Fleet managers can get odometer readings
  • Fleet managers can trace fuel consumption per driver, if a vehicle is assigned to more than one driver and share a card
  • Tag verification option is available to prohibit use of card for unauthorized purchase
  • SMS notification option available for selected transactions
  • As an offline system, customers won’t be bothered by network problems
  • As web based system, fleet managers will have access to their account via the internet
  • Transaction details available from reports like km/ltr fuel consumption, date & specific time, place of purchase, product purchased…
  • Out VTM (Value transfer module) gives the fleet manager to make top ups to vehicles from his desktop.
  • Card holders can remotely collect their top-ups at any of NOC stations with NOC E-card service.

How to get NOC eCard?

Please call +251-116-392418

And one of our sales people will get in touch with you.

National Oil Ethiopia (NOC) is the leading company in the importation and distribution of petroleum products to a wide range of customers in the different economic sectors of Ethiopia. Since its inception about 12 years ago, NOC has captured a confirmed overall market share of 37% with 180 service stations and broad base of corporate consumers across Ethiopia as at May, 2016 and maintaining same leadership position. Its continued growth during these years is a reflection of the confidence the customers have bestowed in the company.

We have accumulated proven, effective and efficient product and service delivery experience in all economic sectors - Construction companies, Manufacturing Industries, Transport (Land and Air), Mining and Government owned enterprises.

At the moment, NOC serves over 1,000 corporate customers in these different economic sectors across the country by supplying various petroleum products including Fuels, Lubricants, LPG, Bitumen, Petroleum coke, Steam Coal and Chemicals.

NOC has also partnered with Chevron one of the conglomerate of three world renowned brands CATEX, TEXACO and CHEVRON, a leader in the Global Lubricating Solutions. Chevron is differentiated from other global oil companies by its commitment to excellence exhibited through Innovative Products and Value-added Services.

In all its undertakings, NOC stands on strong business principles and corporate values that comply with safe and healthy workplace; fair employment practices that value diversity and inclusiveness, taking responsibility for environmental protection and compliance with Federal/Regional laws that promote good business practices. Central to NOC operation is the firm commitment to excellent service delivery & maximum customer satisfaction. Customer focus is the philosophy guiding the day-to-day activities of the company’s different Strategic Business Units (SBUs). As a responsible Corporate Citizen delivering on its social responsibility in the social and economic development of Ethiopia, Health, Safety and Environment Management System is at the center of our Business model.

Global Compact Initiative- NOC has responded to the United Nations Global Compact initiative by embracing, supporting and enacting the values of Human Rights, Labour Standards, Environment and Anti-Corruption within its sphere of influence

Road Safety Campaign- NOC has taken road safety issue as a business case is spearheading Road Safety Campaigns in Ethiopia within the National Road Safety Board guidance. NOC has embarked on aggressive road safety awareness creation programs using the media and different venues. Road safety issue are always brought to attention on meeting and engagement with different stakeholders. NOC is also the first corporate bodies to embrace and implement the ‘Decade of Action for Road Safety’ initiative Launched by the United Nations.

Time for Action - Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011

Environment Conservation: NOC has taken the leadership in the conservation of deforested landscapes in the vicinity of Addis Ababa. It conducts annual tree plantation and conservation programs that involve its staff members, customers and vendors. Restoration of on of the cliffs at Yeka Sub city


Support to children with disabilities-NOC takes part in the annual fundraising walk organized by the Cheshire services Ethiopia to raise awareness and fund to assist the medical treatment of children with disabilities. NOC has been actively participating in this annual event for the last six years. (Cheshire Picture)

Central to our management system are core values that are enshrined by all people in NOC that capitalize on Governance, Performance, Value to people and the environment.

    We are accountable for our actions.
    We support our communities and serve as a role model for others
    We pursue excellence in everything we do
    We strive for fairness and adhere to the highest ethical standards.
    We encourage continuous learning and strive to develop our people to their highest potential.
    We are responsive to the expectations of the government and our customers.
    We strive to maintain the highest levels of safety, security, health and environmental standards.
    We are proud of our company and are committed to preserving its assets and resources.
    We support each other and work together to achieve our business objectives successfully
    We place authority where responsibility lies.

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