Chevron is at the forefront in the delivery of world-class energy solutions. This means offering its global expertise and experience to our customers. This will give a commercial edge and competitive advantage where it matters most - in our customers own area of business. That's what is expected of a true working partnership

World-class lubrication solutions

Through continuous thought leadership in product discovery and applied research, Texaco and Caltex advanced technology products deliver top-tier commercial and technical performance to its customers and partners in the automotive, industrial and aviation industries.

World-class commercial partnerships

Chevron’s powerful resolve to deliver global leadership in lubrication technologies and the advantage this brings to its customer is a proof of its dedication and commitment to long-term commercial partnerships. Chevron high caliber lubrication technologies deliver maximum operational performance and equipment protection to every automotive and industrial application.

Working in long-term professional partnerships with Original Equipment Manufacturers across the world, Chevron has the world-wide experience and expertise to ensure its customers get the very best performance and most reliable long-term service from their equipment - even in the harshest operating environments.


NOC Customer Service Centre

Is a dedicated customer interface that ensures prompt Order Fulfillment The Center also register and disseminate maintenance calls from retail and commercial customers to the designate maintenance team

Djibouti Logistics Office

Is a back bone of the company that is responsible for handling of materials and products imported through the Port of Djibouti for distribution to customers/project sites.

Transport Management

Over 1200 fuel and dry cargo trucks are contracted to handle the distribution of product from Djibouti and Sudan to different Retail and Commercial customers sites across the country to meet the day to day petroleum products demand of customers.

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