Chevron is at the forefront in the delivery of world-class energy solutions. This means offering its global expertise and experience to our customers. This will give a commercial edge and competitive advantage where it matters most - in our customers own area of business. That's what is expected of a true working partnership

World-class lubrication solutions

Through continuous thought leadership in product discovery and applied research, Texaco and Caltex advanced technology products deliver top-tier commercial and technical performance to its customers and partners in the automotive, industrial and aviation industries.

World-class commercial partnerships

Chevron’s powerful resolve to deliver global leadership in lubrication technologies and the advantage this brings to its customer is a proof of its dedication and commitment to long-term commercial partnerships. Chevron high caliber lubrication technologies deliver maximum operational performance and equipment protection to every automotive and industrial application.

Working in long-term professional partnerships with Original Equipment Manufacturers across the world, Chevron has the world-wide experience and expertise to ensure its customers get the very best performance and most reliable long-term service from their equipment - even in the harshest operating environments.




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