From the lubrication of simple industrial equipment to the lubrication of latest-technology equipment, CALTEX lubricants can satisfy any requirement you may have.

National Oil Ethiopia PLC (NOC) offers a wide range of services that can be customized in order to meet your needs.More than hundred oils and greases for all types of industrial needs

In industry, our lubricants can satisfy a lot of needs :

  • turbines
  • compressors
  • transformers
  • machine tools
  • hydraulic systems
  • metal works
  • textile machines
  • Heat insulation, etc...

An offer that can meet any type of requirement,Our products can satisfy any type of needs from the industry :

  • Iron and Steel industry
  • Cement industry
  • Mines
  • Power plants
  • Sugar Industry
  • Textile industry
  • Paper mill industry
  • Chemical industry, etc.

Wide range of services and day-to-day technical support, In addition to products that can meet your needs, National Oil Ethiopia PLC (NOC) offers a wide range of services that can be customized :

  • Lubrication survey to ensure optimization of the lubrication of your installations for a maximal availability of your tool of production.
  • Plans of oiling and greasing
  • Equipment for the reduction of effluents
  • Waste management
  • Staff training
  • Management, on your behalf, of the supply chain and services that are necessary for your activity

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