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   Introducing the NOC – eCard With cutting edge features

  • One card for All NOC products and services: A card holder can get Fuel, Lubes, Car wash, LPG, NOC Mart & NOC café services
  • Fleet managers can limit use of card to types products, stations, amount on products, volume on products or even frequency of use
  • Service is available in more than 110 stations nation wide
  • Fleet managers can limit purchase of fuel to tank capacity
  • Days of use can be limited to specific days of the week and time
  • Double & successive purchase prevention & alerts
  • Fleet managers can get odometer readings
  • Fleet managers can trace fuel consumption per driver, if a vehicle is assigned to more than one driver and share a card
  • Tag verification option is available to prohibit use of card for unauthorized purchase
  • SMS notification option available for selected transactions
  • As an offline system, customers won’t be bothered by network problems
  • As web based system, fleet managers will have access to their account via the internet
  • Transaction details available from reports like km/ltr fuel consumption, date & specific time, place of purchase, product purchased…
  • Out VTM (Value transfer module) gives the fleet manager to make top ups to vehicles from his desktop.
  • Card holders can remotely collect their top-ups at any of NOC stations with NOC E-card service.

How to get NOC eCard?

Please call +251-116-392418

And one of our sales people will get in touch with you.



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